Risperdal (Risperidone)
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Product description: Risperdal is an atypical antipsychotic medicine. It is used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of manic depression.
Active Ingredient: Risperidone
Risperdal as known as: Ronkal, Rispel, Risperon, Lucipral, Torendo, Respidon, Spax, Depredon, Edalen, Ristad, Risporan, Rispa, Zanirisp, Ranperidon, Diaforin, Rispons, Aleptan, Capulton, Radigen, Adovia, Ridal, Ryspolit, Risperidex, Sequinan, Risepro, Rizodal, Rosipin, Perdox, Rispaxol, Rissar, Hunperdal, ñorispez, Rispimed, Rispefar, Lioxam, Riscord, Rispond, Neripros, Risperin, Novoris, Orotral, Risofren, Riperdal, Risdol, Unispera, Ridal gmp, Ziperid, Ripedon, Ispidon, Ridoner, Dixine, Risperidonum, Restelea, Zofredal, Risfarmal, Rispolux, Evolux, Risperat, Isipredon, Aleptolan, Rispe-q, Risset, Atornil, Nodiril, Riatul, Rinter, Raxidone, Resdal, Rispen, Rispone, Rehablit, Denoral, Linipon, Riper, Winperid, Resco, Rispal, Sizodon, Rileptid, Risdonal, Muistin, Risnia, Risdon, Resperon, Rozidal, Arketin, Risperdaloro, Leterzin, Belasperdal, Zargus, Risperger, Goval, Nivelan, Dropicine, Risperanne, Depolan, Risperidona, Mepharis, Rixadone, Risper, Rispofren, Risperdone, Helposper, Rispecare, Risperidon, Symperid, Speridan, Disaperid, Deteron, Rispex, Avanxe, Risperid, Rispepia, Risperatio, Rison, Risperlet, Rorendo, Stadarisp, Perdamel, Rispolept, Rispeva, Risperiwin, Prospera, Natibo, Medorisper, Risocon, Belivon, Doresol, Peridona, Lassen

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