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Product description: Nitroglycerin is in a group of drugs called nitrates. It is used to treat or prevent attacks of chest pain (angina) by relaxing the arteries and veins in the body.
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Nitroglycerin as known as: Enetege, Nitroglycerinum, Meditrans, Gallolingual, Trinitrin, Natispray, Myocor, Venitrin, Cordipatch, Diafusor, Nitrogesic, Nirmin, Nitrocine, Nitromist, Cordiplast, Trintek, Cafinitrina, Dauxona, Rectogesic, Minitrans, Will long, Nitrangin, Nitromex, Loion, Glytrin, Nitrospray-icn, Nitrodyl, Trinitrosan, Nitrokaf retard, Nitriderm, Nidocard retard, Nitrocard, Nyrocin, Trinispray, Nitroretard faran, Glyceroli trinitratis, Trinitrine, Millistape, Nitraket, Anginine, Angicard, Dydrene, Coro-nitro, Glyceroltrinitrat, Angiolingual, Adesitrin, Anril, Nitrocor, Nitroplast, Nitropack, Nitro-time, Nitrocap, Trinitron, Solinitrina, Millis, Glyceryl trinitrate, Nitromint, Pancoran, Nitradisc, Nitrolingual, Topi-nitro, Nitrong, Trinipatch, Perlinganit, Nitracor, Nitroject, Sustac, Nitromed, Nitrostad retard, Transderm-nitro, Nitrodom, Myonit, Glycerylnitrat, Domitral, Nysconitrine, Minitro, Nitrosylon, Epinitril, Niglinar, Nitrovas sr, Nitroglycerine, Tridil, Nitronal, Nitrocontin, Trocer, Angispan, Vasolator, Nitrostat, Percutol, Nitrol, Myovin, Nitroquick, Limitral, Plastranit, Nitrek, Lycinate, Angised, Perganit, Nitro-mack, Millisrol, Keritrina, Nitrogard, Triniplas, Nitroven, Nitroglicerol, Deponit, Trimonit, Nitronalspray, Nitrin sr, Supranitrin, Top-nitro, Discotrine, Nitropen, Rho-nitro, Trinitrina, Suscard, Nitroglicerina, Sustonit, Nitroglycerol, Nitromin, Nitroderm tts, Dermatrans, Nitro-dur, Vernies

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