Zithromax (Azithromycin)
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Product description: Zithromax is an antibiotic used to treat different kinds of infections.
Active Ingredient: Azithromycin
Zithromax as known as: Misultina, Azitrin, Azimycin, Azomax, Altezym, Neblic, Koptin, Inedol, Azinil, Goxil, Azitrim, Trozocina, Sitrox, Azitrix, Azimac, Atizor, Zentavion, Iramicina, Azithrocin, Azicin, Azithromycinum, Zocin, Arzomicin, Rarpezit, Azidraw, Azithrex, Zitrolab, Azitromicina, Macrozit, Texis, Mezatrin, Azrolid, Unizitro, Azihexal, Azigram, Tromic, Zicho, Azyter, Zi-factor, Azitropharma, Azithro, Talcilina, Azromax, Zemycin, Azitrolit, Hemomycin, Zimax, Zithrox, Tritab, Macromax, Ricilina, Thiza, Co azithromycin, Tromix, Azalid, Zertalin, Vectocilina, Zival, Azithral, Azinix, Zetamax, Azitral, Oranex, Trex, Zibac, Azinom, Bezanin, Azibiot, Vinzam, Azitrocin, Azatril, Azithrus, Bactexina, Pretir, Maczith, Zitrotek, Zitrocin, Tanezox, Azicu, Naxocina, Triamid, Azithromax, Zithrogen, Azilide, Azycyna, Zitrex, Zitroken, Nifostin, Figothrom, Disithrom, Azomycin, Zaret, Azitrotek, Azin, Zymycin, Ultreon, Ordipha, Novozithron, Zycin, Zirocin, Fabramicina, Azimed, Respazit, Aziwok, Toraseptol, Odazyth, Azenil, I-thro, Zitrolid, Cinalid, Zithrocin, Doyle, Zitrim, Azix, Zitromax, Zitrofar, Ribotrex, Phagocin, Novatrex, Marvitrox, Aziphar, Azitrobac, Azithin, Ezith, Novozitron, Azimex, Zibramax, Neofarmiz, Kromicin, Magnabiotic, Zedd, Azirox, Azimit, Zitroneo, Zithromac, Azimakrol, Azithrocine, Azitrohexal, Azithrox, Saver, Asizith, Amsati, Faxin, Clearsing, Imbys, Simpli, Azimax, Amovin, Zomax, Zithrin, Zeto, Goldamycin, Azyth, Azicid, Orobiotic, Azi-once, Aztrin, Azicine, Azitrom, Doromax, Zmax, Fuqixing, Penalox, Azadose, Neozith, Azifast, Tri azit, Zinfect, Azitrox, Azitro, Azitrovid, Ericiclina, Azomac, Opeazitro, Azro, Nor-zimax, Zistic, Momicine, Binozyt, Azomex, Azicip, Gramokil, Tridosil, Bactrazol, Odaz, Rozith, Sumamed, Zithromycin, Ilozin, Ultrabac, Tremac, Medimacrol, Zifin

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